Motorola PR1500 Portable Radio

Motorola PR1500

Performance in Critical Situations and Capable of P25 Interoperability

The Motorola PR1500 portable two-way radio combines ruggedness and reliability with advanced features and a sturdy design. Designed for easy migration to Project 25 standards, this radio is able to communicate across agencies and jurisdictions at mission-critical times. Enhanced sound clarity and dynamics nest in an ergonomic design. The bigger knobs and controls can be easily operated - even while wearing heavy gloves.

Motorola PR1500 Features

  • 32 Channels
  • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing (VHF/UHF)
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons
  • 1 Programmable Top Button
  • 16 Position Rotary Mode Select Switch - Top Mount Concentric 3 Position Programmable Switch
  • Dual Priority Scan
  • Operator Selectable Scan
  • Noise Reduction Software
  • Bi-Color LED Indicator
  • Weather Sealed Universal Accessory Connector
  • Audio Gain Control
  • Standard & Non Standard PL/DPL Code Capable
  • Quik-Call II (Decode)

Programmable Button Features

  • Emergency
  • Monitor
  • Repeater Talkaround
  • Dynamic Priority
  • Scan
  • Volume Set
  • Nuisance Channel Delete


  • Quik-Call II (Decode)
  • MDC1200 PTT-ID (Encode)
  • MDC1200 Radio Check (Decode)
  • MDC1200 Emergency (Encode)
  • MDC1200 Silent Emergency (Encode)
  • MDC1200 Call Alert (Decode)
  • MDC1200 Selective Call (Decode)
  • MDC1200 Select Radio Inhibit (Decode)

Motorola PR1500 Applications

Ideal for: Community Safety Groups, Construction, Fire, Manufacturing, Police, Public Utilities

Motorola PR1500 Models


  • AAH79KDC9PW5_N
    PR1500 32 Channel, 5W, 136-174 MHz VHF


  • AAH79QDC9PW5_N
    PR1500 32 Channel, 5W, 380-470 MHz UHF
  • AAH79SDC9PW5_N
    PR1500 32 Channel, 5W, 450-520 MHz UHF

All PR1500 models include:

  • Standard Battery (IMPRES™ NiMH, 1850 mAh, 7.5V Battery)
  • Standard Charger (IMPRES™ Single Unit Charger)
  • Standard Antenna (UHF Whip / VHF)
  • 2.25" Belt Clip
  • Remote Speaker Microphone Adapter
  • Accessory Connector Dust Cover
  • Two Year Warranty

Motorola PR1500 Accessories

Motorola Original and Motorola Certified Accessories expand the capabilities of your radio and create a truly customized communication solution for your organization. Motorola accessories are system-tested with Motorola radios to ensure optimum performance.

Did you know?

The majority of HT1000 accessories are backwards compatible with the PR1500, making it an easy transition for current customers.

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